Products & Projects

Our Products

Packing Machine NoTe P-4

The machine is designed for packing liquid and semi-liquid dairy products into commonly used plastic Cups Fi 95, covered with aluminium. To achieve high packing purity, the chamber is filled with purived air. The air cleansed via HEPA filters and UVC lamps. The cups and lids are also cleaned using UVC lamps, and co2 gas is fed over the product before the aluminium lis is closed.

Depending on the height of the cup and the type of product, the operating cycle of the machine ranges from 3000 to 7200 cups per hour. The machine is prepared for remote monitoring.

Machine for packing into cardboard sleeves

In addition to automation in the automotive and offshore industries, our company is a producer of machines for the food industry. Our latest product is a machine for inserting cardboard sleeves into foil trays The efficiency of the device is about 60 packages per minute. There are several factors that can help improve performance:

  1. Dimensions and shape of the box (presswork) and the cardboard box,
  2. Dimensional accuracy of the presswork-cutting and edge quality,
  3. Information about the end stage (number of products in a row, intervals between subsequent ones).
  4.  Availability of space in the plant,
  5. Target performance

After determining the above characteristics, we can propose a specific machine model

Machine for disinfection

We have built a prototype of a device that disinfects various materials, including electronics and documents, in a non-invasive manner. We are pleased to inform you about the ongoing work on a machine for disinfecting rooms using the vaporized hydrogen peroxide method. The first tests are behind us and they look very promising. We estimate that our device will be able to disinfect rooms up to 200 m3 in a short time. We are working on improving the disinfection process and the construction of devices in an eye-catching arrangement

Our Projects

For the world’s biggest automotive companies

Jaguar Wolverhampton, Great Britain

Production of Diesel AJ200 engine assembly machines. Mechanical assembly, electrical and pneumatic installation, as well as security area – machine fencing. In the following year, we have fabricated stations that produce petrol engine and machines that produce V8 engine (AJ133) for Jaguar. Both projects were released by Nowa Tepro at the final customer’s site.

BorgWarner Ltd. Bradford, Great Britain

Order executed for our target customer – American provider of components and pieces for automotive industry in the whole world. Designing, assemblage and launching of assembly lines designed to put together turbines – for Jaguar and Ford.

Ford Chichuahua, Mexico

Nowa Tepro produces workstations equipped with ABB robots.

Daimler Stuttgart – Hedelfingen, Germany

Realization of production machines, which fill with oil the new generation eight-speed transmissions. The order comprised producing machines, together with a pneumatic and hydraulic installation project.

Skoda, Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic

Assemblage of assembly machine for main bearing covers.  Project was executed one hundred percent in Poland and delivered directly to the target client.
Project was executed in an international environment:
NT (Poland): concept, design project, assembly, execution of electrical and pneumatic installations;
TKSY (Germany):
Electrical project (control panel, HMI)
Ferrotherm (Czech Republic):
Start-up and reassembly in the Czech Republic

Geely, China

One of our recent projects for the Chinese car manufacturer Geely – machines designed for testing the engines.